About Us

Academy of Scientists for Industrial Research and Education (ASIRE)


Instituting investors and inventors for industrial research and education for fostering and promoting technologies development and commercialization 


The Academy of Scientists for Industrial Research and Education (ASIRE) is an innovative global platform established for educators, scientists, inventors, and investors to explore innovations and novel education approaches for supporting revenue-oriented translational research. The ASIRE is determined to explore new tracks of knowledge and coordination among technologists, academicians, and investors through communication and networking to explore advanced technologies of reduced form factors and high performance. 


Our Mission is to support multi-directional approaches for facilitating inter-connectivity between translation research and applied education through the following six ways.  

Recognizing pioneers in industrial research and education by conferring the award of excellence.

Connecting academia and industries to explore prospects

Promoting next-generation translation research and policies

Bringing scientists, educators, investors, industries, and management on a common platform

Motivating new scholars to think like an entrepreneur

Initiatives to promote innovations.

ASIRE Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Industrial Research
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Education
  • Excellence in Industrial Research Award
  • Global Leadership in Education Award 
  • Technology of the Year Award
  • Inventor of the Year Award
  • Start-up of the Year Award
  • AIR Award of the Year