Air Innovation Research

Air innovation research (AIR) is an information and communications channel created for the enterprising community including  scientists, academicians, businesses, policymakers, consumers, and population.

It aims to bring together all the stakeholders who are working to raise awareness towards improving indoor-outdoor air quality and creating a new global community of better health. The focus of AIR is on addressing the 21st Century air quality challenges that affect the present and future generations. In this mission, AIR is a supportive digital information, communications, broadcasting, and promotional platform for innovations and research in air quality, purification technologies, and testing methodologies.

This magazine will provide an in-depth analysis of breakthrough air-purification technologies and latest developments in air testing techniques including novel sensors and  purification technologies. The AIR will also bring at the forefront issues of air quality in various regions and countries and initiatives taken by various governments and international communities such as the United Nations Climate Change worldwide. 

The AIR magazine has comprehensive approach and will be publishing followings:

  • Technology and product reviews.
  • Articles and case studies by air quality experts.
  • News on the state-of-the-art technologies implemented to solve air quality issues.Interviews with industry pioneers, inventors, investors, policymakers, and technology users.

Contact our Editor -in-Chief Dr Ajeet Kaushik ( in case of any query and submitting your articles.