Become a ASIRE Member

You can be a member of two Conclaves .

  • Conclave of Inventors
  • Conclave of Investors

Membership is through nomination including self nomination. 

The nomination will be accepted during each quarter of the year; January 1 to March  31, April 1 to June 30, July 1 to September 30, and October 1 to December 31. The selected member list will be uploaded in January, April, July, and October. 


The candidate for the Conclave of Inventors should fulfill any one of the following conditions:

  1. Have at least one patent granted in any country in the world, 
  2. Have at least one commercialized product, 
  3. Have at least one successful licensing agreement
  4. Ten research publications in the applied research field with demonstrable impact on real-life issues.

ASIRE Member Application should include the following :

  1. Nominee’s full Curriculum Vitae
  2. A complete list and a two-page summary of patents, commercialized or licensed technology or List and a two-page summary of 10 research articles demonstrating real-life applications.
  3. At least one recommendation/support letter from a peer, Head of the Institute/Department, accomplished Inventor, a senior Professor, ASIRE member or Board member

The candidate for the Conclave of Investors should provide a letter of intent to be a member of the Conclave.

Benefits of being a member: Membership with the Academy of Scientists for Industrial Research & Education (ASIRE) offers a unique opportunity to be part of a growing global conclave of inventors (Individual and Institutional; Academia, Research Labs and Industry) and Investors. Individual Membership is available to scientists working in applied research with at least one patent granted, commercialized product, successful licensing, or 10 research publications in the applied research field with demonstrable impact on real-life issues.

ASIRE members get:

  1. Opportunity to showcase their invention(s) at selected ASIRE Events
  2. Access to ASIRE’s network of inventors, investors, and consultants
  3. Chance to participate in ASIRE events at a discounted rate, 25%
  4. International recognitions for excellence in Industrial Research and Education
  5. Access to ASIRE Magazine, such as AIR, articles free of charge
  6. Chance to publish in ASIRE Magazines
  7. Opportunity to become part of global R&D conclave
  8. Support for the commercialization of technologies
  9. Chance to be on the ASIRE Hall of Fame

Become a ASIRE Differentiator Today

Application fee :$20*

Membership fee: $50/year (Introductory offer)*

*Offer only valid for Members with Early Bird Registration