Board of Directors


Dr. Jaspreet Dhau

Dr. Jaspreet Dhau is the Senior Director & Head of R&D at Molekule Inc. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Panjab University and MBA from Punjabi University. He has developed and commercialized six technologies. He is the technical co-founder of Averatek Incorporation that manufactures flexible circuits. He has also co-founded ASIRE, AIR, and InnovationMust.  He has 11 granted US patents and filed more than 20 patents in the US and other countries. 

Vice President

Dr. G. R. Chaudhary

Dr. G.R. Chaudhary is Professor of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, Director of Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility & Central Instrumentation Laboratory, and Associate Director, Centre Placement Cell, Panjab University Chandigarh, India. Prof. Chaudhary is actively engaged in the synthesis of nano-materials via green methods and to explore their potential applications for the wastewater treatment, as catalyst and as sensors.


Dr. Ajeet Kaushik

Fellow-ICS, is working as Assistant Professor of chemistry at Florida Polytechnic University and is exploring nano-biotechnology for health wellness. Dr. Kaushik is an accomplished scientist and recipient of several awards in the field of nano-biotechnology for health care. Dr. Kaushik is open for collaborative research as his research interests include analytical systems, high-performance nanomedicine, drug delivery systems, biosensors, point-of-care sensing devices, and related areas of healthcare monitoring.

Executive Members

Professor Raj Kumar, VC, Panjab University

Professor Raj Kumar is a distinguished academician, researcher and educational administrator. He is currently the Vice Chancellor of Panjab University, Chandigarh. He completed his Ph.D from Banaras Hindu University and D.Litt from University of Lucknow. He brings with him a rich mixture of professional integrity and administrative experience. Professor Raj Kumar has been actively engaged in teaching, research, training and consultancy in management field for more than three decades. He has been Director, Dean and Head of Institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Varanasi.

Randy Avent, President, Florida Polytechnic University, USA

Dr. Randy K. Avent is founding president of Florida Polytechnic University, the state’s only public university dedicated 100% to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Named the University’s inaugural president in 2014, Avent is responsible for its development and operation, and is committed to strategically advancing Florida Poly as a research-and-jobs institution, an agent for growth, and a beacon for the economy. His career exemplifies the qualities of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship the University seeks to instill in students. An accomplished academician, senior administrator, and research scientist, Avent has an extensive background teaching and directing research at higher-education institutions dedicated to STEM. Prior to joining NC State, he served as the chief scientist in the Defense Department’s Office of Basic Research, where he oversaw science programs, developed strategic plans for basic research investments and led a national “Data-to-Decisions” program on large-scale analytics for massive data sets.

Dr. Sunity Sharma, Chief Scientist, Averatek Incorporation

Dr. Sunity Sharma is the Chief-Scientist at Averatek Incorporation, which develops and licenses advanced manufacturing processes for various electronic products. He is also the technical co-founder of Averatek Incorporation. Dr. Sharma is an inventor par excellence; He has 18 US patents and four commercialized technologies to his name. He has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India (1974). Dr. Sharma is the founder member of the Energy Research Center, PU, India. He has previously served at SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) in Menlo Park, CA, for 20 years. His research interest includes the development of molecular metal inks and metal deposition techniques for application in the area of electrical interconnects, corrosion resistance, catalysis, laser direct-write, development of semi- and fully additive metallization process for high density interconnects. His molecular self-assembly coatings is being used for corrosion protection of metal components of the JSF Program.